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The e-conference is closely linked to several regional and global activities in natural resource conflict management. This annex presents some of the products and activities in conflict management coordinated by the Community Forestry Unit (CFU) and the Forests, Trees and People Programme (FTPP). The activities and products are the initial steps being taken to better understand conflict management in the context of community forestry and also to increase the awareness of the need for conflict management in community forestry. The objective is to address some of the needs mentioned above. The activities and products are distinguished between those coordinated by CFU and the global and regional components of FTPP.

From the Community Forestry Unit and the Global Component of FTPP

Trilingual Bibliography: this bibliography will present annotations of material, both published and unpublished, on natural resource conflicts and their management. The bibliography will identify the keywords and potential users of the different material and categorize it based on the main topic covered. The document will present annotations in three languages: English, French and Spanish. This document will hopefully serve to clarify some of the concepts associated with conflict management and community forestry. It will be available in autumn 1997.

Case Study Collection: this will present a selection of case studies that illustrate the complexity of conflicts, and present an analysis that clearly illustrates the different elements associated with conflicts. This collection will show the application of conflict management and community forestry concepts at different levels. The document should be useful for field workers, academics and researchers. It is scheduled for publication at the end of 1997.

Community Forestry Concept Note on Conflict Management: this note will target academics, researchers and project\programme managers. The document presents a conceptual understanding of the field of conflict management within the context of natural resource management. It will be published in October 1997

Technical Meeting with Policy and Decision-Makers Regarding Conflict Management and Community Forestry (Antalya, Turkey, 10-13 October 1997) - A special event prior to the XI World Forestry Congress (WFC): to inform policy and decision-makers about the importance of conflict management in natural resource management and to address constraints for managing conflicts and supporting community forestry development within existing political, legal and institutional structures.

Conflict Management and Community Forestry at the XI WFC (topic 27): the results of the above-mentioned meeting, a Special Paper and additional conflict management and community forestry material will be presented in a special session of the WFC.

From the Regional Components of FTPP

Methodology for Addressing Natural Resource Conflicts: the regional component of FTPP in Latin America coordinated its own e-conference after the global one to develop a methodological guide for addressing natural resource conflicts. This methodological guide considers local participation to be a key element in the management of natural resource conflicts. The methodological guide includes three modules:

Training Material for Trainers: this document is being coordinated by the regional component of FTPP in Asia. The training material will be in various parts, the first of which will present an introductory manual to the field. The manual will provide a background, and define conflict resolution and its application in society. This training manual will provide a general framework for conflict resolution in natural resource management, with descriptions of conflicts in the field, areas for application and potential outcomes with use. The training manual will present applications such as organizing facilitation, mediations, negotiations and working groups. There will be discussion regarding process and procedures. The date for the release of this material is still to be announced.

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