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Many people contributed to the planning and implementation of the CFU/FTPP e-conference on `Addressing Natural Resource Conflicts through Community Forestry'. In particular, the e-conference secretariat would like to thank Mr. Marc de Montalembert (Director of the Forestry Policy and Planning Division, FAO) for his continued support and guidance of CFU/FTPP's activities in natural resource conflict management and Ms. Marilyn Hoskins (former Senior Community Forestry Officer, FAO) who inspired the venture into e-conferencing. Mr. Jon Anderson (Forest Conservation, Research and Education Service, FAO) provided invaluable assistance in developing and facilitating the `virtual conflict case' discussions and Mr. John Lindsay (Development Law Service, FAO) backstopped the preparation of several e-conference discussion papers. The smooth operation of the e-conference rooms owes much to Mr. John Rowell and Mr. Luigi Bongini (Network Applications and Services Branch, FAO) who helped resolve e-mail transmission and attachment `glitches'.

It is no exaggeration to say that none of this would have been possible without the technical support of those at the SARD-Forum conference facilities, Mr. Bob Hart (Executive Director of INFORUM), and Mr. Malcolm Chapman (Data Network Specialist) and Mr. Serban Pencescu (Unix Specialist) of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP/DAIS) in New York.

The secretariat operated from the CFU at FAO headquarters in Rome. Ms. Michelle Gauthier coordinated the e-conference from its inception to its conclusion, together with Ms. Anna Sherwood. Other members of the secretariat at different stages of the e-conference included: Ms. Colleen McVeigh who was involved in the preparations, and Mr. Garry Thomas (Moderator), Ms. Violet Matiru (Assistant Moderator), and Ms. Diji Chandrasekharan (Logistics Assistant) who orchestrated the actual discussions. The participatory spirit of these secretariat members and of the CFU/FTPP team was a key factor contributing to the success of this experience.

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