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Annex K - FTPP Facilitators, E-Conference Focal Points, Authors of Discussion Papers and E-Conference Secretariat

Please note that all members of this list were also subscribed to the e-conference.

Forests, Trees and People Programme



FTPP Regional Facilitators:

Mr. Vitoon Viriyasakultorn and Mr. Cor Veer


c/o Faculty of Forestry, Kasetsart University

Bangkok, 10903, Thailand

Tel: (+66-2) 5790108

Fax: (+66-2) 5614880

E-mail: corveer@mozart.Inet.Co.Th


FTPP National Facilitator:

Mr. N. Kaji Shrestha

Women Acting Together for Change (WATCH)

P.O. Box 5723 - Kathmandu, Nepal

Tel: (+977-1) 473224

Fax: (+977-1)473224

E-mail: watchftp@mos.Com.Np



FTPP Regional Facilitator for East Africa:

Dr. John R. W. Aluma

Forestry Research Institute

National Agricultural Research Organization

P.O. Box 1752 - Kampala, Uganda

Tel: (+256-41) 255163/5; 251916/8/9

Fax: (+256-41) 234252 - 255165


FTPP Facilitator for Kenya:

Mr. Dominic Walubengo

Forest Action Network

P.O. Box 3011 - Nairobi, Kenya

Tel: (+2542) 718398

Fax: (+254-2) 718398

E-mail: fan@arcc.Or.Ke


Regional FTPP Network Coordinator: Eileen Omosa

FTPP Network

c/o Forest Action Network

P.O. Box 3011 - Nairobi, Kenya

Tel: (+2542) 718398

Fax: (+2542) 718398

E-mail: fan@arcc.Or.Ke



FTPP Facilitator for Central America:

Mr. Carlos Brenes Castillo

A.P. 3711007

San Jose, Costa Rica

Tel: (+506) 2552437

Fax: (+506) 2233771

E-mail: cbrenes@sol.Racsa.Co.Cr


FTPP National Facilitator for Peru, Ecuador and Colombia: 31

Mr. Carlos Villarreal

c/o Instituto Abya Yala

12 de Octubre 1430 y Wilson - Quito, Ecuador

Tel:(+593-2) 506267

Fax:(+593-2) 506267

E-mail: Caros@ftp.Ecx.Ec


FTPP Facilitator Bolivia, Northern Chile and Argentina:

Ms. Rosario Leon


Av. Guillermo Uriquidi E-1570

Casilla 949

Cochabamba, Bolivia

Tel: (+591-42) 31906/32442

Fax: (+591-42) 323 10

E-mail: ftpp%ftpp@unbol.Bo


Editor of the Regional FTPP Newsletter and Regional FTPP Networker:

Mr. Carlos Herz Saenz


Av. Santa Cruz 500, Jesus Maria

Apartado 11-0152

Lima 11, Peru

Fax: (51) 4240847



West Africa

FTPP Regional Facilitator for Francophone Africa:

Mr. Atamana Bernard Dabiré

IPD-AC, B.P. 2078

Douala, Cameroon

Tel:(+237) 403770/403068

Fax:(+237) 424335


FTPP National Facilitator in Senegal: 32

Mr. Papa Dethie Ndione

Dakar, Senegal

Tel: (+221) 320565

Fax: (+221)240296

E-mail: def-ftpp@endadak.Gn.Apc.Org


FTPP National Facilitator in Mali:

Mr. Mamodou Gakou

Direction Nationale des Eaux et Forets

Operation Amenagement Productions Forestieres (OAPF)

B.P. 2537

Bamako, Mali

Tel: (+223) 228042/225047

Fax: (+223) C/O FAO 223646


E-Conference Focal Points



E-Conference Regional Focal Point:

Mr. Vitoon Viriyaskultorn and Mr. Cor Veer


c/o Faculty of Forestry, Kasetsart University

Bangkok, 10903, Thailand

Tel: (+66-2) 5790108/5614881

Fax: (+66-2)5614880

E-mail: corveer@mozart.Inet.Co.Th



E-Conference Regional Focal Point: 33

Mr. Michael Ochieng Odhiambo

Centre for Environmental Policy and Law

Kwanza House, 4th Floor

Kijabe Street, Box 780

Nakuru, Kenya

Tel: (+254-37) 40092/44549

Fax: (+254-37) 210906

E-mail: ochieng@arcc.Kaact.Kenya-net.Org



E-Conference Regional Focal Point:

Mr. Jorge Recharte

Coordinator FLACSO/FTPP

Quito, Ecuador

Tel: (+593-2) 229806

E-mail: conflict@ranti.Ecx.Ec


Focal Point for Logistical Coordination:

Mr. Victor Lopez

Sistema de Informacion en Foresteria Communitaria


Programa FTP/FAO


Tel: (+593-2) 506267

E-mail: general@ftp.Ecx.Ec


E-Conference National Focal Point in Bolivia:

Mr. Rene Orellana

FTPP Linea de Conflictos



Tel: (+591-42) 31906

E-mail: ceres@unbol.Bo


E-Conference National Focal Point in Costa Rica:

Mr. Felipe Matos

Area de Recursos Naturales Universidad para La Paz

Costa Rica

Tel: (+506) 2491324/2491072

E-mail: Upauvlt@sol-mesa-ac.Cr


E-Conference National Focal Point in Venezuela:

Mr. Manuel Briceno

Instituto de Investigaciones Agropecuarias

Facultad de Ceincias Forestales y Ambientales

Universidad de Los Andes


Tel: (+5874) 401527



E-Conference Regional Focal Point: 34

Mr. Henri Lo

Institut des Sciences de l'Environnement

Université Cheick Anta Diop

Dakar, Senegal

Tel: (+221) 242303

Fax: (+221) 243714



E-Conference National Focal Point in Mali:

Dr. Samba Soumare

Bamako, Mali

Tel: (+223) 230519

Fax: (+223) 230595

E-mail: diop@bamako.Orstom.Ml


E-Conference National Focal Point in Burkina Faso:

Mr. Firmin Ouali

Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Tel: (+226) 380519

Fax: (FAO) (+226) 310084

Temporary E-mail: amina.Belem@undp.Org


E-Conference National Focal Point in Cameroon:

Mr. Samuel Nguiffo

Yaounde, Cameroon

Tel: (+237) 22.9524

Fax: (+237) 22.9524

E-mail: CHT@cam.Healthnet.Org


Authors of Discussion Papers


Bruce Cabarle

World Resources Institute

1709 New York Ave. N.W., Suite 700

Washington, DC, 20006 - USA

Fax: (+1-202)6380036

E-mail: Bruce@wri.Org


Alfonso Peter Castro

308 Bowne Hall

Anthropology Department

Syracuse University

Syracuse, NY, 13244-1200 - USA

Tel: (+1-315) 4431971

Fax: (+1-315) 4434860

E-mail: ahcastro@maxwell.Syr.Edu


Kreg Ettenger

209 Maxwell Hall, Department of Anthropology

Syracuse University

Syracuse, NY, 13244 - USA

Tel: (+1-315) 4240706

Fax: (+1-315) 4434860

E-mail: kettenge@maxwell.Syr.Edu


Yolanda Kakabadse

Executive President

Futuro Latinoamericano

Av. Amazonas, 3741y Corea

Of. 52, Casilla 1717558

Quito, Ecuador

Tel: (+593-2) 435521

Fax: (+593-2)462204

E-mail: FFLAI@fulano.Org.Ec


Owen Lynch

World Resources Institute

1709 New York Ave. N.W., Suite 700

Washington, DC, 20006 - USA

Fax: (+1-202) 6380036



Madhu Sarin

48 Sector 4

Chandigarh, 160001


Tel: (+91-172) 540339

Fax: (+91-172)541135

E-mail: sarins/chandigarh@dartmail.Dartnet.Com


Samba Traore

Université de St-Louis Senegal

Tel: (+221) 612302

Fax: (+221) 611884

E-mail: ndoye@bu.Univ.Stl.Sn


Julia Wondolleck

The University of Michigan

School of Natural Resources and Environment

430 E. University

Ann Arbor, MI, 48109-1115


Tel: (+1-313) 7641570

Fax: (+1-313)9362195


E-Conference Secretariat


Marilyn Hoskins

1735 New Hampshire Ave. N.W.

Apt. 402, Washington, DC, 20009 - USA

Tel: (+1-202) 6678266

Fax: (+1-202)2348845

E-mail: marilynndc@aol.Com


Michelle Gauthier 35

E-Conference Coordinator

Community Forestry Unit

FAO, Viale Terme di Caracalla

Rome 00100 - Italy

Tel: (+39-6) 5225-4341

Fax: (+39-6)5225-5514

E-mail: Michelle.Gauthier@fao.Org


Garry Thomas 36

E-Conference Facilitator and Moderator

Department of Anthropology

Ithaca College

Ithaca, NY, 14850 - USA

Tel: (++1-607) 2743574

Fax: (++1-607) 2743474

E-mail: THOMASG@ithaca.Edu


Violet Matiru37

E-Conference Assistant Facilitator/Moderator


Jon Anderson 38

Forestry Extension and Training Officer

FAO, Viale Terme di Caracalla

Rome 00100 - Italy

Tel: (+39-6) 5225-4176

E-mail: Jon.Anderson@fao.Org


Anna Sherwood

E-Conference Logistics Assistant

Community Forestry Unit

FAO, Viale Terme di Caracalla

Rome 00100 - Italy

Tel: (+39-6) 5225-6103

Fax: (+39-6)5225-5514

E-mail: Con-mgt-admin@fao.Org


Diji Chandrasekharan 39

E-Conference Logistics Assistant

Community Forestry Unit

FAO, Viale Terme di Caracalla

Rome 00100 - Italy

Tel: (+39-6) 5225-6103

Fax: (+39-6) 5225-5514

E-mail: Con-Mgt-Admin@fao.Org

31. Carlos Villareal is also the author of the discussion paper on Latin America.

32. Papa Dethie Ndione was also the E-Conference Focal Point in Senegal.

33. Michael Ochiens Odhiambo is also the author of the discussion paper on East Africa.

34. Henri Lo is also co-author of the discussion paper on West Africa.

35. Michelle Gauthier was co-author of the introductory issues paper used in Session 1.

36. Garry Thomas was co-author of the introductory issues paper used in Session 1 and co-author of the paper on power and equity.

37. Violet Matiru was co-author of the paper on power and equity.

38. Jon Anderson was the author of the virtual cases and moderator of discussions on the virtual cases as well as co-author of the introductory issues paper used in Session 1 and co-author of the paper on power and equity.

39. Diji Chandrasekharan was author of the discussion paper on Asia and co-author of the paper on power and equity.

Community Forestry Publications

Community Forestry Notes


Household food security and forestry: an analysis of socio-economic issues, 1989 (Ar/E/F/S)


Community forestry: participatory assessment, monitoring and evaluation, 1989 (E/F/S)


Community forestry: rapid appraisal, 1989 (E/F/S)


Community forestry: herders' decision-making in natural resources management in arid and semi-arid Africa, 1990 (E°</F)


Community forestry: rapid appraisal of tree and land tenure, 1989 (E/F/S)


The major significance of `minor' forest products: the local use and value of forests in the West African humid forest zone, 1990 (E°<)


Community forestry: ten years in review, 1991 (E< /F/S°<)


Shifting cultivators: local technical knowledge and natural resource management in the humid tropics, 1991 (E</F/S)


Socioeconomic attributes of trees and tree planting practices, 1991 (E/F*/S)


A framework for analyzing institutional incentives in community forestry, 1992 (E/F/S)


Common forest resource management: annotated bibliography of Asia, Africa and Latin America, 1993 (E/F*/S*)


Introducing community forestry: annotated listing of topics and readings, 1994 (E<)


What about the wild animals? Wild animal species in community forestry in the tropics, 1995 (E<)


Legal bases for the management of forest resources as common property, 1999 (E<)

Community Forestry Field Manuals


Guidelines for planning, monitoring and evaluating cookstove programmes, 1990 (E</F</S°<)


The community's toolbox: the idea, methods and tools for participatory assessment, monitoring and evaluation in community forestry, 1990 (E/F/S)


Guidelines for integrating nutrition concerns into forestry projects, 1991 (E</F/S)


Tree and land tenure: rapid appraisal tools, 1994 (E</F/S)


Selecting tree species on the basis of community needs, 1995 (E</F*/S)


Marketing information systems for non-timber forest products, 1996 (E<)


Crafting institutional arrangements for community forestry, 1997 (E<)

Community Forestry Case Studies


Case studies of farm forestry and wasteland development in Gujarat, India, 1988 (E)


Forestland for the people. A forest village project in Northeast Thailand, 1988 (E)


Women's role in dynamic forest-based small scale enterprises. Case studies on uppage and lacquerware from India, 1991 (E°<)


Case studies in forest-based small scale enterprises in Asia. Rattan, matchmaking and hand-icrafts, 1991 (E°<)


Social and economic incentives for smallholder tree growing. A case study from Murang'a District, Kenya, 1993 (E)


Shifting cultivators of Indonesia: marauders or managers of the forest? Rice production and forest use among the Uma' Jalan of East Kalimantan, 1993 (E)


Peasant participation in community reforestation. Four communities in the Department of Cuzco, Peru, 1993 (E)


The impact of social and environmental change on forest management. A case study from West Kalimantan, Indonesia, 1993 (E<)


Tree and land tenure in the Eastern Terai, Nepal. A case study from the Siraha and Saptari Districts, Nepal, 1993 (E<)


Tree and land tenure: using rapid appraisal to study natural resource management. A case study from Anivorano, Madagascar, 1995 (E<)


Shifting cultivation in Bhutan: a gradual approach to modifying land use patterns. A case study from Pema Gatshel District, Bhutan, 1995 (E)


Farmer experimentation and innovation. A case study of knowledge generation processes in agroforestry systems in Rwanda, 1996 (E)


eveloping participatory and integrated watershed management. A case study of the FAO/Italy Inter-regional Project for Participatory Upland Conservation and Development (PUCD), 1998 (E<)

Community Forestry Working Papers


The role of alternative conflict management in community forestry, 1994 (E<)


Participatory approaches to planning for community forestry, 1995 (E)


Forest resources and institutions, 1998 (E)

Community Forestry Conflict Management Series


Proceedings: electronic conference on "addressing natural resource conflicts through com-munity forestry," January-May 1996 (E)


Integrating conflict management considerations into national policy frameworks. Proceedings of a satellite meeting to the XI World Forestry Congress, 10-13 October 1997, Antalya, Turkey (E<)

Community Forestry Guidelines


Women in community forestry: a field guide for project design and implementation, 1989 (E/F/S)


Integrating gender considerations into FAO forestry projects, 1994 (E/F*/S)

Community Forestry Audio Visuals and Slide Booklets


Forestry and food security, 1993 (E/F/S)


Fruits of our work: women in community forestry, Tanzania [slide booklet], 1991 (E)


Gender analysis for forestry development planning - why? & how?, 1996 (E)


Gender analysis for forestry development planning - why? & how? [slide booklet], 1997 (E)


What is a tree?, 1994 (E/F)


What is a tree? [slide booklet], 1995 (E)


Women and community forestry in Sudan [slide booklet], 1991 (E)

Community Forestry Cartoon Booklets


Food for the future, 1990 (Ch/E/F/S/Bahasa/Burmese/Hindi/Lao/Malaysian/ Portuguese/Sinhala/Vietnamese)


Our trees and forests, 1992 (Ch/E/F/S)


I am so hungry I could eat a tree, 1992 (Ch/E/F/S)


Fabulous forest factories, 1993 (Ch/E/F/S)

Other Community Forestry Publications


Community forestry posters, 1997 (E)


Forests, trees and food, 1992 (E/S)


Forests, trees and people programme [brochure], 1998 (E/F/S)


Forestry and food security [brochure], 1996 (E/F/S)


Forestry and food security [poster], 1996 (E/F/S)


The gender analysis and forestry training package, 1995 (E<)


The participatory process for supporting collaborative management of natural resources: an overview, 1999 (E)


People and forests: community forestry at FAO, 1997 (E/F/S)


Restoring the balance: women and forest resources, 1991 (E/F/S)

FAO Forestry Papers


Forestry for local community development, 1978 (Ar/E</F</S<)


Tree growing by rural people, 1985 (Ar/E</F</S°<)


Small-scale forest-based processing enterprises, 1987 (E</F</S°<)


Forestry and food security, 1989 (Ar/E</F</S°<)


Managing forests as common property, 1998 (E<)


Ar - Arabic

F - French

°out of print

Ch - Chinese

S - Spanish

* in preparation

E - English


< PDF and/or HTML file


Our publications and videos are available from your regional focal point:

Anglophone Africa:


Forest Action Network

P.O. Box 21428 Nairobi, Kenya

Fax: (254-2) 718398




Central America:

Facilitador subregional para Centroamérica

Apdo. Postal 8198 - 1000

San José, Costa Rica

Fax: (506) 280-2441





The Editor, FTP Newsletter

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Research Information Centre

P.O. Box 7034

S-75007 Uppsala, Sweden

Fax: (46-18) 671980




Francophone Africa:

Facilitateur régional pour l'Afrique francophone


Institut panafricain pour le développement

B.P. 4078

Douala, Cameroun

Fax: (237) 403068



Latin America and Caribbean


Revista bosques, árboles y comunidades rurales

Av. Manuel Gómez 634

Apartado 11-0152

Lince, Lima, Perú

Fax: (51-1) 265-0441




North America and Caribbean



North American & Caribbean Regional Center

5400 Grosvenor Lane

Bethesda, Maryland 20814, USA

Fax: (301) 897-3690



South Asia:

FTPP Facilitator for South Asia


Women Acting Together for Change

P.O. Box 5723

Baneshor, Kathmandu, Nepal

Fax: (977-1) 473675




Southeast Asia:


Regional Community Forestry Training Center

Kasetsart University

P.O. Box 1111

Bangkok 10903, Thailand

Fax: (66-2) 561-4880




Other regions:

The Senior Community Forestry Officer

Forestry Policy and Planning Division

Forestry Department

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Viale delle Terme di Caracalla

Rome 00100, Italy

Fax: (39) 0657055514



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