Women and forest resources


Produced by FAO Forestry Department, with assistance from the Swedish International Development Authority



Trees in the household economy

Trees for food

Trees for fuel

Trees for fodder

Trees for the household

Trees for income

Complementary uses of forest resources

A deepening crisis

The effects of resource depletion

Changes in family structure

The effects of new technologies

Losing out on development

How women react: a global round-up

India: the Chipko movement

Cape Verde: after the drought

Honduras: women take the lead

China: forestry for conservation

Sudan: creating new nurseries

Thailand: protecting the hillsides

Korea: replanting the country side

Kenya: greenbelt schemes

Jamaica: trees to protect the soil

Indonesia: replanting for tree products

Implications for development

The role of women in forestry projects

Constraints to participation

Evolving future policies


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