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Community Forestry Publications

Community Forestry Notes

Community Forestry Field Manuals

1 Guidelines for planning, monitoring and evaluating cookstove programs, 1990 (E/F/S°)

2 The community's toolbox: the idea, methods and tools for participatory assessment,

monitoring and evaluation in community forestry, 1990 (E/F/S)

3 Guidelines for integrating nutrition concerns into forestry projects, 1991 (E/F/S)

4 Tree and land tenure: rapid appraisal tools, 1994 (E/F/S)

5 Selecting tree species on the basis of community needs, 1995 (E/F**IS)

6 Marketing information systems for non-timber forest products, 1995 (E)

7 Crafting institutional arrangements for community forestry, 1997 (E)

Community Forestry Case Studies

1 Case studies of farm forestry and wasteland development in Gujarat, India, 1988 (E)

2 Forestland for the people. A forest village project in Northeast Thailand, 1988 (E)

3 Women's role in dynamic forest-based small scale enterprises. Case studies on uppage and lacquerware from India, 1991 (E°)

4 Case studies in forest-based small scale enterprises in Asia. Rattan, matchmaking and handicrafts, 1991 (E°)

5 Social and economic incentives for smallholder tree growing. A case study from Murang' a District, Kenya, 1993 (E)

6 Shifting cultivators of Indonesia: marauders or managers of the forest? Rice production and forest use among the Uma' Jalan of East Kalimantan, 1993 (E/Viet)

7 Peasant participation in community reforestation. Four communities in the Department of Cuzco, Peru, 1993 (E)

8 The impact of social and environmental change on forest management. A case study from West Kalimantan, Indonesia, 1993 (E)

9 Tree and land tenure in the Eastern Terai, Nepal. A case study from the Siraha and Saptari Districts, Nepal, 1993 (E)

10 Tree and land tenure: using rapid appraisal to study natural resource management. A case study from Anivorano, Madagascar, 1995 (E)

11 Shifting cultivation in Bhutan: a gradual approach to modifying land use patterns. A case study from Pema Gatshel District, Bhutan, 1995 (E)

12 Farmer experimentation and innovation. A case study of knowledge generation processes in agroforestry systems in Rwanda, 1996 (E)

13 Developing participatory and integrated watershed management. A case study of the FAO/Italy Interregional Project for Participatory Upland Conservation and Development (PUCD), 1998 (E)

Community Forestry Working Papers

1 The role of alternative conflict management in community forestry, 1994 (E) 2 Participatory approaches to planning for community forestry, 1995 (E) 3 Forest resources and institutions, 1998 (E)

Community Forestry Conflict Management Series

Community Forestry Guidelines

1 Women in community forestry: a field guide for project design and implementation, 1989 (E/F/S)

2 Integrating gender considerations into FAO forestry projects, 1993 (E/F**/S)

Community Forestry Audio Visuals and Slide Booklets

Community Forestry Cartoon Booklets

1 Food for the future, 1990 (Ch/E/F/P/S)

2 Our trees and forests, 1992 (Ch/E/F/S)

3 I am so hungry I could eat a tree, 1992 (Ch/E/F/S) 4 Fabulous forest factories, 1993 (Ch/E/F/S)

Other Community Forestry Publications

FAO Forestry Papers

7 Forestry for local community development, 1978 (E/F/S)

64 Tree growing by rural people, 1985 (Ar/E/F/S°)

79 Small-scale forest-based processing enterprises, 1987 (E/F°/S°) 90 Forestry and food security, 1989 (Ar/E/F/S°) 136Managing forests as common property, 1998 (E)

Ar - Arabic

Ch - Chinese

E - English

F - French

S - Spanish

P - Portuguese

Viet - Vietnamese

** in preparation

° out of print; available as a PDF file

Our publications and videos are available from your regional focal point:

Anglophone Africa:

Forest Action Network
P.O. Box 21428
Nairobi, Kenya
Fax: (254-2) 718398



Regional Community Forestry Training Center Kasetsart University
PO. Box 1111
Bangkok 10903, Thailand Fax: (66-2) 561-4880


Central America:

Facilitador subregional para Centroamerica Apdo. Postal 8198 - 1000 San Jose, Costa Rica Fax: (506) 280-2441



The Editor, 1.1 P Newsletter
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences Box 7005
S-75007 Uppsala, Sweden Fax: (46-18) 673420


Francophone Africa :

Facilitateur regional pour l'Afrique francophone
Institut panafricain pour le developpement B.P. 4078
Douala, Cameroun Fax: (237) 403068


Latin America and Caribbean (Spanish):

El Editor
Revista Bosques, arboles y comunidades rurales
Av. Manuel Gomez 634,
Apartado 11-0152
Lince, Lima, Peru
Fax: (51-1) 265-0441


North America and Caribbean (English):

North American & Caribbean Regional Center
5400 Grosvenor Lane
Bethesda, Maryland 20814, USA
Fax: (301) 897-3690


Other regions:

The Senior Community Forestry Officer Forestry
Policy and Planning Division Forestry Department
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Viale delle Terme di Caracalla
Rome 00100, Italy
Fax: (39-06) 5705-5514


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