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1. For a more complete discussion of the issues and evidence summarised in this section, see Leach and Mearns, 1988; Dewees, 1989.

2. For a review of information on forest foods and nutrition, see Falconer, 1989.

3. For a review of information on gathering activities, see Falconer and Arnold, 1989 and on processing activities, see Fisseha, 1986.

4. For reviews of the issues discussed in this section, see Raintree and Warner, 1985; Chambers and Leach, 1987; Arnold, 1987.

5. For an overview of the debate in India, see the Social Forestry section in The State of India's Environment, 1984-85: The second Citizens' Report, Centre for Science and Environment, 1985.

6. Another result of this mistaken focus in many project documents on isolating them from market forces has been to create an erroneous basis for judging project performance. It is clear, for example, that much of the concern about a perceived commercial distortion of farmer tree planting within social forestry projects in India stems from this.

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