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This publication has been prepared with the help of a large number of persons who have contributed to it at one or more stages of its development.

The first step in its preparation was an extensive study of the relevant literature, supplemented by field visits, which were undertaken between February and December 1983. This was carried out for FAO by Gerald Foley and Geoffrey Barnard of Earthscan at the International Institute for Environment and Development. FAO wishes to express its gratitude to the many people who contributed material and comments to this initial report. Their inputs are recorded in the Earthscan publication “Farm and Community Forestry” by Gerald Foley and Geoffrey Barnard which is based on the material assembled for FAO.

The report by Earthscan to FAO was circulated to and reviewed and commented on by a large number of persons with specialized knowledge of and experience in the subject. The study was then rewritten within FAO to take into account results of this review and information provided by reviewers. Additional material for Part I of the new version was prepared by A. Peter Castro, Departments of Anthropology and Environmental Sciences, University of California at Santa Barbara; for Part II by Freerk Wiersum, Department of Forest Management, University of Wageningen; and for Part III by Peter Dewees, Institute of Development Studies, University of Nairobi. The new draft was assembled from this material and edited for FAO by Peter Dewees.

This draft was then reviewed in detail by a group of specialists from countries of Africa, Asia, the Near East and Latin America, and from a number of aid entities, at the Seventh FAO/SIDA Expert Consultation on Forestry for Local Community Development held in Rome in March 1985. The final version of the study was then prepared, on the basis of this review, by Peter Dewees together with J. Gabriel Campbell and Gerald Foley.

FAO wishes to express its appreciation to the many people who contributed additional material and comments during this process, in particular J. Raintree and P.K. Nair of ICRAF; J. Spears and M. Grut of the World Bank; T.M. Catterson of USAID; J. Gabriel Campbell, C. van Dam and J. Barahona from FAO field projects; J. Thomson, L. Fortmann, M. Skutsch and D. Brokensha.

The Organization is also most grateful to the group of experts who carried out the final review: Ing. Agr. H. H. Kugler, Interventor, IFONA, Argentina; Mr. J.B. Besong, Assistant Director of Forestry, Cameroon; Mr. Fang Kan, Chief, Technical Exchange and Extension Division, Ministry of Forestry, China; Ms. K. Chowdhry, Chairman, National Wastelands Development Board, India; Dr. H. Haeruman, Forestry Specialist, National Development Planning Agency, Indonesia; Ing. V. M. Ortega Blandon, IRENA, Nicaragua; Mr. Abu Bakr A. Kamil, Director General, Central Forests Administration, Sudan; Mr. E.M. Mnzava, Director of Forestry and Beekeeping, Tanzania; and Dr. Somsak Sukwong, Dean, Faculty of Forestry, Kasetsart University, Thailand.

The study has been supported by a special contribution from the Swedish International Development Authority (SIDA) to FAO’s Forestry for Local Community Development Programme. In addition, L. Sandahl, M. Bendz, E. von Hofsten and S. Noren took part in the final review meeting on behalf of SIDA and contributed to preparation of the earlier drafts.

Within FAO the study was carried out under the direction of J.E.M. Arnold, M.W. Hoskins and C. Chandrasekharan of the Forestry Policy and Planning Service.

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