Forests, trees and people programme




Guiding Principles and Reccommendations
1. Introduction
2. Overview of the Papers Prepared for the Meeting
3. Summary of the Working Group Discussions
4. Conclusion


Annex A Papers Prepared for the Meeting
Community Forestry and Forest Resource Conflicts:
An Overview

Claude Desloges

Integrating Gender and Equity Sensitive Conflict
Management in Community Forestry Policies

Madhu Sarin

Consideraciones Generales para la Prevención de Conflictos
en los Proyectos de Desarrollo Económico
de los Pueblos Indígenas Amazónicos

Antonio Jacanamijoy

La Experiencia Latinoamericana en torno a la Construcción
de Capacidades Locales a traves de Procesos Participativos

Pablo Ortiz-T.

Conflict, Law and Community-Based Natural Resource
Management: A Summary of Existing and Proposed Policies

Owen J. Lynch

Legal and Institutional Constraints to Community
Participation in the Management of Natural Resource
Conflicts in Africa: The Case of Kenya

Michael Ochieng Odhiambo

National Forest Policy Frameworks and Conflict
Management: An Overview

Amril L. Joshi


Integrating Conflict Management into Community Forestry:
Experience from West and Central Africa

Henri Mathieu Lo

Policy Formulation Process: Forest Management
in Eeyou Astchee

Geoffrey Quaile

The Role of ‘Positive’ Conflict Management in Fostering
Social and Political Changes: The Case of Enda Graf
Forum and Renapop, Senegal

Yara Abdul-Hamid

Dealing with Landless People in Paraguay
Jorg Albrecht

Initiatives and Experiences in Relation to Conflict
Resolution between Forest Villages and Forestry
Organization for Sustainable Management
of the Forest Resources in Turkey

Muzaffer Dogru, Abdurrahman Sagkaya, Celal Çoban,
EkremYazycy, Suade Arançly

Integrating Conflict Management into Forestry Policy:
An Applied Anthropologist’s Perspective

Alfonso Peter Castro

Conflict Management and Community Forestry
in the Near East Region: Two Case Studies
from Syria and Jordan

Benedetto Cavalcaselle


Conflicts in Cmmunity Forestry: Experiences from Uganda
William Gombya-Ssembajjwe

Developing and Putting into Practice Conflict Resolution
Training Materials to Support Community Forestry in Asia

Cynthia Josayma

A Kenyan Perspective on Conflict Management Strategies
for Sustainable Natural Resource Management:
Integrating Conflict Management into National
Policy Frameworks

F. M. Ole Nkako

Conflict Management in Forest Reserves in Burkina Faso
Hubert M.G. Ouedraogo

Community-Based Income Generation and Bioresource
Conservation: A New Challenge of Integration of Conflict
Management into Forestry Policy

Lai Qingkui

Community Forestry and Conflicts in Nepal
K. B. Shrestha

First Analyse Your Conflict
Margaret M. Skutsch 291


Annex B Report of the XI World Forestry Congress Technical
Session No.27
Annex C List of Participants
Annex D Programme