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Community Forestry Notes

1 Household food security and forestry: an analysis of socio-economic issues, 1989. (E, F, S). J. Falconer and J.E.M. Arnold.

2 Community forestry: participatory assessment, monitoring and evaluation, 1989. (E, F, S) .D. Davis-Case.

3 Community forestry: rapid appraisal, 1989. (E, F, S). A. Molnar.

4 Community forestry: herders' decision-making in natural resources management in arid and semi-arid Africa, 1990. (E, F). M. Niamir.

5 Community forestry: rapid appraisal of tree and land tenure, 1989. (E, F, S). J.W. Bruce.

6 The major significance of 'minor' forest products: the local use and value of forests in the West African humid forest zone, 1990. J. Falconer.

7 Community forestry: ten years in review, 1991. (E, F, S). J.E.M. Arnold.

8 Shifting cultivators: local technical knowledge and natural resource management in the humid tropics, 1991. (E, F, S). K. Warner.

9 Socioeconomic attributes of trees and tree planting practices, 1991. (E, S). J.B. Raintree.

10 A framework for analyzing institutional incentives in community forestry, 1992. (E, F,S). J. Thomson.

11 Common forest resource management: annotated bibliography of Asia, Africa and Latin America, 1993. D.A. Mersserschmidt.

12 Introducing community forestry: annotated listing of topics and readings, 1994. N.L. Peluso, M. Turner and L. Fortmann.

13 What about the wild animals? Wild animal species in community forestry in the tropics, 1995. K.H. Reford, R. Godshalk and K. Asher.

14 Legal bases for the management of forest resources as common property, 1999. J.W. Bruce

Community Forestry Case Studies

1 Case studies of farm forestry and wasteland development in Gujarat, India, 1988. S. Jain.

2 Forestland for the people. A forest village project in Northeast Thailand, 1988. S. Jain.

3 Women's role in dynamic forest-based small scale enterprises. Case studies on uppage and lacquerware from India. 1991. D. Jain and J. Campbell.

4 Case studies in forest-based small scale enterprises in Asia. Rattan, matchmaking and handicrafts, 1991. N.L. Peluso, J.C. Tandon, S. Hady and J. Campbell.

5 Social and economic incentives for smallholder tree growing. A case study from Murang'a District, Kenya, 1993. P. A. Dewees.

6 Shifting cultivators of Indonesia: Marauders or managers of the forest? Rice production and forest use among the Uma' Jalan of East Kalimantan, 1993. C. Pierce Colfer.

7 Peasant participation in community reforestation. Four communities in the Department of Cuzco, Peru, 1993. L. Vizarreta.

8 The impact of social and environmental change on forest management. A case study from West Kalimantan, Indonesia, 1993. N.L. Peluso.

9 Tree and land tenure in the Eastern Terai, Nepal. A case study from the Siraha and Saptari Districts, Nepal, 1993. B. Subedi, C. Das and D.A. Messerschmidt.

10 Tree and land tenure: using rapid appraisal to study natural resource management. A case study from Anivorano, Madagascar, 1995. K. Schoonmaker-Freudenberger.

11 Shifting cultivation in Bhutan: a gradual approach to modifying land use patterns. A case study from Pema Gatshel District, Bhutan, 1995. K. Warner.

12 Farmer experimentation and innovation. A case study of knowledge generation processes in agroforestry systems in Rwanda, 1996. C. den Biggelaar.

13 Developing participatory and integrated watershed management. A case study of the FAO/Italy Inter-regional Project for Participatory Upland Conservation and Development (PUCD), 1998. P. Warren.

Community Forestry Field Manuals

1 Guidelines for planning, monitoring and evaluating cookstove programs, 1990. (E, F, S)

S. Jospeh.

2 The community's toolbox: the idea, methods and tools for participatory assessment, monitoring and evaluation in community forestry, 1990. (E, F, S)

D'Arcy Davis Case.

3 Guidelines for integrating nutrition concerns into forestry projects, 1991. (E, F, S)

C. Ogden.

4 Tree and land tenure: rapid appraisal tools, 1994. (E, F, S)

K. Schoonmaker-Freudenberger.

5 Selecting tree species on the basis of community needs, 1995.

K. Warner.

6 Marketing information systems for non-timber forest products, 1996.

C. Koppell.

7 Crafting institutional arrangements for community forestry, 1997.

J. Thomson and K. Schoonmaker-Freudenberger.

Community Forestry Guidelines

1 Women in community forestry: a field guide for project design and implementation, 1989. (F, S)

M. Rojas

2 Integrating gender considerations into FAO forestry projects, 1994. (E, S)

M. Rojas.

Community Forestry Cartoon Booklets

1 Food for the future, 1990. (E, F, S)

2 Our trees and forests, 1992. (E, F, S)

3 I am so hungry I could eat a tree, 1992. (E, F, S)

4 Fabulous forest factories, 1993 (E, F, S)

5 Future Forests, 2000. (E, F, S)

Future Forests - Teacher's Guide, 2001 (E, F, S)

Community Forestry Working Papers

1 The role of alternative conflict management in community forestry, 1994.

C. Pendzich, G. Thomas and T. Wohigenant.

2 Participatory approaches to planning for community forestry, 1995.

T. Oltheten

3 Forest resources and institutions, 1998.

C. Gibson, M. McKean and E. Ostrom.

Community Forestry Conflict Management Series

Community-based forest resource conflict management - A training package. Volume 1. 2002.

K. Means and C. Josayma.

Community-based forest resource conflict management - A training package. Volume 2. 2002.

K. Means and C. Josayma.

Conflict and Natural Resource Management, 2000. (E, F, S)

V. Matiru

Integrating conflict management considerations into national policy frameworks. Proceedings of a satellite meeting to the XI World Forestry Congress, 10-13 October 1997, Antalya, Turkey. 1998

Natural resource conflict management case studies: an analysis of power, participation and protected areas, 2003.

A.P. Castro and E. Nielsen.

Negotiation and mediation techniques for natural resource management, 2005. (E, F, S)

Proceedings: electronic conference on "addressing natural resource conflicts through community forestry", January-May 1996.

D. Chandrasekharan.

Volume 1: compilation of discussion papers made to the electronic conference on "addressing natural resource conflicts through community forestry", January-May 1996.

FONP Working Papers

Community-based commercial enterprise development for the conservatio of biodiversity in Bwindi World Heritage Site, Uganda, 2006.

Community-based Tourism: Income generation and conservatio of biodiversity in Bwindi World heritage. The Buhoma Village Walk Case Study. 2006.

Empowering communities through forestry: Community-based enterprise development in the Gambia. 2005.

Exploring Options for joint Forest Management in India, 2005.

Rural livelihoods and access to forest resources in Mongolia , 2006.


Simpler Forest Management Plans for Participatory Forestry, 2004.

The Management Of Villagers Owned Stone Pine (Pinus Pinea L.) Plantations In Kozak Region, Turkey: A Case Study, 2004.


Understanding forest tenure in South and Southeast Asia, 2006.

Other Community Forestry Publications


Community-based fire management: Case studies from China, The Gambia, Honduras, India, Lao People's Democratic Republic and Turkey, 2003. (E, F, S)


Community-based tree and forest product enterprises: Market Analysis and Development manual, [booklets A-F], 2000. (E, S)

I. Lecup and Ken Nicholson.

Booklet A - Users' guide to the field manual

Revised Booklet B - Introduction: Defining where you want to end up, 2006

Booklet C - Phase 1: Assess the existing situation

Booklet D - Phase 2: Identify products, markets and means of marketing

Booklet E - Phase 3: Plan enterprises for sustainable development

Booklet F - Case Study: Designing tree, forest and home garden product enterprises for sustainable development


Market analysis and development: The map of the process, 2000. (E, S)


Market Analysis Development. Filed Facilitator Guidelines, 2004.


Forests and People: 25 years of Community Forestry, 2001.

J. E. M. Arnold.


Forests, trees and food, 1992.


Forestry and food security, 1996. (E, F, S)

How Forests can reduce poverty, 2001. (E, F, S)

Proceedings of the international workshop on community forestry in Africa: Participatory forest management: a strategy for sustainable forest management in Africa, 26-30 April 1999, Banjul, The Gambia. (E, F)

Proceedings of the second international workshop on participatory forestry in Africa: Defining the way forward: sustainable livelihoods and sustainable forest management through participatory forestry. 18-22 February 2002, Arusha, United Republic of Tanzania. (E, F)

Restoring the balance: women and forest resources, 1991. (E, F, S)

R. Clarke. 1987

The gender analysis and forestry international training package, 1995. (E, F, S)

V. Wilde and A. Vainio-Mattila.

The participatory process for supporting collaborative management of natural resources: an overview, 1999.

A.W Ingles, A. Musch and H. Qwist-Hoffmann.

FAO Forestry Papers

7 Forestry for local community development, 1978. (E, F, S)

64 Tree growing by rural people, 1985. (E, F, S)

79 Small-scale forest-based processing enterprises, 1987 (E, F, S).

90 Forestry and food security, 1989. (E, F, S)

136 Managing forests as common property, 1998.

Microfinance and forest-based small-scale enterprises, 2005.

Tropical Trees for Life