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Appendix 1- Sources of Information on Rapid Appraisal
Appendix 2 - Sources of information on tenure and natural resource management

Appendix 1- Sources of Information on Rapid Appraisal

As Rapid Appraisal techniques become more widely practiced, the number of sources of information have quickly multiplied. The addresses suggested below are by no means the only good sources of information, but they may help to get started, and help to find information that is particularly relevant to the area in which the work is being done. All of the institutions cited below use or have used participatory methods for the study of natural resource questions. Many of the them have published manuals on the use of these methods as well as case studies of their work.

Program for International Development
Clark University
950 Main Street
Worcester, Mass. 01610
United States of America

Egerton University
Office of Research and Extension
PO Box 536

PO Box 64
3830 AB Leusden
The Netherlands

Institut de Science et L'Environnement
Université Cheikh Anta Diop

International Institute of Environment and Development 9
3, Endsleigh St.
London WC1H ODD
United Kingdom

9 IIED, London publishes and distributes RRA Notes, an informal journal of contributions by RRA practitioners.

C.P. 13

Faculty of Agriculture
Khon Kaen University
Khon Kaen 40002

2 Service Road
Domlur Layout
Bangalore 560 071

National Environment Secretariat
Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources
PO Box 67839

14, Jeyaraja Illam Opp. Kasirajan Hospital
Tirupalai, Madurai 625 014

Winrock International
P.O. Box 1312

World Resources Institute
1709 New York Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20006
United States of America

For a more complete listing of sources of information on PRA, please consult the discussion paper by Robert Chambers, Rural Appraisal: Rapid, Relaxed and Participatory. It is available from IDS Publications, Institute for Development Studies, University of Sussex, Brighton BN1 SIRE, United Kingdom.

Appendix 2 - Sources of information on tenure and natural resource management

In addition to many of the organizations listed in Appendix 1, the following are sources of publications and information on land and tree tenure issues.

• Forests, Trees and People Programme
Community Forestry Unit
Forestry and Planning Division
Viale delle Terme de Caracalla
00100 Rome, Italy

• The Forests, Trees and People Newsletter
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SUAS)
Box 7005
S-750 07 Uppsala, Sweden

• The Land Tenure Center
1357 University Avenue
Madison, Wisconsin 53715
United States of America

• Bruce, John W. 1989. Rapid Appraisal of Tree and Land Tenure.
FAO, Rome.

The following are suggested as first references for people getting to know the subject.

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Fortmann, L. and Riddell, J. 1985. Trees and Tenure: An Annotated Bibliography for Foresters and Others. Land Tenure Center, Madison, Wisconsin and International Council for Research in Agroforestry, Nairobi.

Fortmann, L., and Bruce , John W., (eds.) 1988. Whose Tress? Proprietary Dimensions of Forestry. Westview Press, Boulder, Colorado.

Niamir, Maryam. 1991. Traditional African Range Management Techniques: Implications for Rangeland Management. ODI Pastoral Development Network Paper 31d.

Painter, T. 1991. Approaches to Improving the Use of Natural Resources for Agriculture in Sahelian West Africa. CARE International, New York.

Raintree, J. (ed.). 1987. Land, Trees and Tenure. Land Tenure Center, Madison, Wisconsin and International Council for Research in Agroforesty, Nairobi.

Shepherd, Gill. 1991. The Communal Management of Forests in the Semi-Arid and Sub-Humid Regions of Africa: Past Practice and Prospects for the Future. Development Policy Review 9: 151-176.

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