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Currently there are two journals providing regular, up to date coverage of agroforestry: Agroforestry Systems (published in cooperation with ICRAF by Martinus Nijhoff/Dr. W. Junk, POB 566, 2501 CN, The Hague, Netherlands) and The International Tree Crops Journal (published in cooperation with the International Tree Crops Institute by A.B. Academic Publishers, POB 97, Berkhampsted, Herts, HP4 2PX, England). The Nitrogen Fixing Tree Research Reports contain much useful information on agroforestry tree species (published by the Nitrogen Fixing Tree Association, POB 680, Waimanalo, Hawaii, USA). The Commonwealth Agricultural Bureau Forestry Abstracts are another source of regular information on agroforestry.

General Concepts and Regional Overviews

For the historical roots of agroforestry, see Smith (1950) for tree crop horticulture, King (1968) for forestry, and Bene et al. (1977) for a seminal statement of the need for integrated agroforestry. For a more recent and comprehensive assessment of the scope and institutional context of agroforestry research see Lundgren (1982). ICRAF has published the proceedings of a number of international meetings on agroforestry (Mongi and Huxley, 1979; Chandler and Spurgeon, 1980; Hoekstra and Kuguru, 1983) which are now out of print, but are available at libraries or in microfiche from ICRAF. Descriptions of regionally important systems are contained in CATIE (1979), ICAR (1981), MacDonald (1982), Hecht (1982), Weber and Hoskins (1983), NAS (1983), Olofson (1983) and Schirmer (1983) among others. Chambers (1984) has highlighted the importance of agroforestry for low-resource farmers and Raintree (1983) has described an adoption-oriented strategy for research. For bibliographies see Majisu and Labelle (1982) and Aterrado et al. (1982).

Agroforestry Science and Practice

For treatment of more technical aspects of agroforestry, see Huxley (1983), Cannel (in press), Nair (1984) and various ICRA Working Papers. The Agroforestry Systems journal carries a regular series of system descriptions from ICRAF’s Agroforestry Systems Inventory, along with other descriptive and experimental reports of varying technical levels. The NAS (1980, 1983a) publications provide useful information on multipurpose trees and Burley and Carlowitz (1984) report the deliberations of a recent international workshop on multipurpose tree germplasm.

Agroforestry Methodology

For assistance in the identification and development of promising agroforestry systems and projects, various guidelines and resource materials relating to ICRAF’s “Diagnosis and Design” (D&D) methodology are available (CIRAF 1983a, 1983b; Raintree, 1984; Huxley and Wood, 1984; Rocheleau, 1985). D&D case studies are regular additions to ICRAF’s Working Papers series, along with accounts of land evaluation (Young, 1984) and economic methods in agroforestry (Hoekstra, 1985; see also Arnold, 1983 and Raintree, 1983). Huxley (1984) has compiled a manual on the exploration and assessment of multipurpose trees.


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